School Advising On-Demand Archives

  • A Brief Overview of the SAO Common Application and the Gateway Portal

    This webinar will offer a brief overview of the SAO common and the Gateway portal applications. The mere existence of these two independent school application portals creates confusion for the end user and independent educational consultants (IECs). This webinar will help inform IECs of the similarities and differences between these two application options and provide constructive advice to their clients about when and how to use these tools. The presentation will also offer instruction about how to fully utilize both portals’ Advisor Workstations.

  • Hate Speech in the Milieu: Defending Safe Space

    Educators from across the country are reporting a disturbing trend in US schools: A dramatic increase in hate speech, and in hate crimes emerging from it. Programs have noted this, as well as an accompanying unapologetic and defensive posture taken by students and, in some cases, their parents. How do programs cultivate a sense of emotional and physical safety in the face of this shift? In this webinar, we will explore the phenomenal increase in racist, homophobic, and misogynistic rhetoric among students in milieus across levels of care. We propose solutions to mitigate the hate.

  • Advising Gifted Yet Struggling Students (and Parents!): What Is Twice-Exceptionality and How Does It Impact Independent Educational Consulting?

    This webinar will review the surprising characteristics of this complex profile and how to best serve them in our practices. The session will explore the intake process, how to determine what type of school or program has the ability to support this student, working with parents, and case studies.

  • College Planning for Students with Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder

    What is "College Readiness" aside from being able to succeed academically? What executive functioning and self­advocacy skills are necessary for college success? What are the differences between high school and college when it comes to accommodations, services, and support for students with disabilities? What is the parent's role in college? Should a disability be disclosed in applications? These are some of the areas we will explore when we discuss counseling students who are on the autism spectrum or who have learning challenges, disabilities or mental health challenges. We will also discuss how IECs can use research tools to find the best post­secondary option for their students; student privacy, parents’ access to college students’ medical and educational records when they turn 18 or start college; and legal issues surrounding the mental health crisis on college campuses. We will address some basic differences between student and parent rights in high school and college and how those differences can impact student performance, health, and safety if not addressed early enough.

  • Financial Aid at U.S. Boarding Schools: How Does it Work and Who Gets It?

    For many families, the cost of an independent school can be prohibitive. Join, Jennie Kent, independent educational consultant, and Jason Warnick, director of admissions and financial aid at Ross School, to learn more about the basics of financial aid offered at boarding schools—which types of aid exist, what schools are evaluating in financial aid candidates, and how to apply.

  • Mapping the Path to Graduate Study

    Deciding which graduate program or school to pursue requires students to connect their past experiences and education with what they hope to accomplish in the future—even when the connections aren’t always obvious. In this webinar, Dr. Brooks will explain her Wise Wanderings Career Development System which uses mapping and other techniques to help students identify the career path they hope to pursue and which graduate/professional schools and degrees will provide the best opportunities for career success.

  • Gender Today: Best Practice for Working with Trans & Non-Binary Youth

    This webinar will help participants grasp terms, ideas, and situations that trans & NB youth are experiencing today. Webinar participants will be able to assess their everyday conversations as it relates to this demographic and be able to take with them an overarching understanding of the coming out process. Discussions will include policy and paperwork, talking to parents, assessing institutions for placement, and how to effectively be an ally to trans and NB youth.

  • Reducing the Stress of Taking Tests

    In this interactive webinar, Sapir will unpack the stress induced in the world of high-stakes testing and demonstrate how some unconventional skills can improve relaxation, confidence, focus, and time management to minimize anxiety and maximize test scores, aiding overall success in academics, work, and life. The goal of the presentation is to offer effective takeaway techniques for participants to help themselves and their students during the most stressful junctures of the college application process.

  • Promoting Successful and Sane Approaches to Admission Testing: 2017

    This webinar will explore the uses and limitations of test scores and the nuanced ways in which test scores factor into various admission processes. This webinar is intended for IECs who already have a basic grasp of college admission testing and would like in-depth explanations of the latest and most complex issues relevant to the SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, etc.

  • Trends in School Affordability

    The affordability discussion is ever-present among school leadership, and clarifying what it means to be affordable is the first step. It’s a process that includes analyzing pre- and post-recession period trends in tuition, financial aid, enrollment, and revenue along with trends in family income and wealth. During this webinar, we’ll discuss what the confluence of these trends and realities means for schools today as administrators consider tuition/price-setting, financial aid budgeting needs, and enrollment expectations.

  • Social and Cultural Transition for First Year LD Students

    This webinar will provide guidance to help transition students socially from secondary education and life to the higher education level, specifically those working with learning disabled students.

  • Better Grades In Less Time

    Learn the study skills and time management that make this possible in this new and original webinar.

  • The Gig Economy: Preparing High School Students for Careers in 2020

    This webinar will focus on how early career discovery during the college planning process can better prepare students for this new career reality, including tools for developing expertise in project settings aligned to the student’s aptitudes and interests.

  • Changing Role of Disability Documentation in Transition to College

    This webinar will address what students and parents can do to be prepared for transition to college, and ways to negotiate accommodations and support services.

  • Perfect Placement: How The Enrollment Management Association Can Make Your Job Easier

    Lauren Von Euw, The Enrollment Management Association's (formerly known as SSATB) director of membership, will provide attendees with updates on the latest research published in EMA's recent Special Reports, training on their Member Access Portal tools (including advisor access and using The Standard Application Online), and more insight into how EMA can serve you and your families.