State of the Profession 2018: The 10 Trends Reshaping Independent Educational Consulting

Recorded On: 01/09/2018

The field of independent educational consulting is growing; that we all know. But it is also undergoing change at an astonishing rate of transformation. These changes will impact how independent educational consultants organize their business, staff their practice, work with clients, interact with families, structure service and pricing, interact with admission officers and more. No one follows changes to independent educational consulting as closely as IECA’s chief executive officer, Mark Sklarow. To kick off 2018, he will explore the changes, including which ones to embrace and which ones we may need to hold firm against in this webinar. He’ll discuss technology, pricing plans, interactions with admission deans and directors, and more.

This webinar will include discussions of:
  • The current state of the profession based on new research
  • Where practices may need to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of clients
  • Newer trends that may become magnified in the coming years
  • The role of evolving technologies in making the management of individual IEC practices easier
  • How individual IEC practices stand in relation to industry-wide trends
  • Questions, issues and planning IECs should undertake to ensure continued success.

Mark Sklarow, CEO

Independent Educational Consulting Association

Mark Sklarow has served as chief executive officer of the Independent Educational Association for over 20 years. During that time he is credited with raising standards, increasing services and educational programming, and with dramatic growth in membership and public awareness of the profession. He holds a BA and an MA in Political Marketing and Educational Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia. Early in his career he taught political science and other social science at the collegiate and high school level. Mark came to Washington, DC as program director, then acting executive director of Presidential Classroom, a national civic education organization. He has also served as director of Creative Response and City at Peace, programs which promoted cultural understanding and non-violence.  Outside of IECA, Mark has served as president of the board of his synagogue, and has two daughters with his wife, Mindy.  He is a frequent writer, blogger, and presenter on education issues.

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