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  • Less Stress, More Happiness: How-tos for IECs and Their Clients

    Competition, selectivity, unpredictability, and soaring tuition costs. Unfortunately, these stressors in college admissions are increasingly impacting the way that students, their families, and we—the helping professionals—experience the process. Elevated stressors can diminish the joy in our work. While we can't change the "big picture" stressors overnight, there is much that we professionals can do to balance some of the stress with a healthy sense of hopefulness and excitement. Leveraging our combined experience as professional independent educational consultants, educators, and parents, let's discuss how we can achieve this, examining family dynamics, stress management, boundary-setting, mindfulness and related ideas.

  • Finding Work-Life Balance: Fact or Fiction?

    Time management and work-life balance for independent educational consultants is a topic not frequently covered in sessions. This webinar will feature insights gathered from an industry wide survey on the topic of creating and maintaining a work-life balance. The goal is to identify time management tips, how to avoid common pitfalls, and to provide practical tools to participants to support their goal of creating work-life balance.

  • Gender Today: Best Practice for Working with Trans & Non-Binary Youth

    This webinar will help participants grasp terms, ideas, and situations that trans & NB youth are experiencing today. Webinar participants will be able to assess their everyday conversations as it relates to this demographic and be able to take with them an overarching understanding of the coming out process. Discussions will include policy and paperwork, talking to parents, assessing institutions for placement, and how to effectively be an ally to trans and NB youth.

  • Marketing and Branding for the New(er) IEC

    Learn from the journey of two experienced IECs who will help newer IECs or IECs who want to grow their business with effective marketing and branding to find ideal clients and best position your services.

  • State of the Profession 2018: The 10 Trends Reshaping Independent Educational Consulting

    No one follows changes to independent educational consulting as closely as IECA’s chief executive officer, Mark Sklarow. To kick off 2018, he will explore the changes, including which ones to embrace and which ones we may need to hold firm against in this webinar. He’ll discuss technology, pricing plans, interactions with admission deans and directors, and more.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing

    Many educational professionals have knowledge and experiences they wish to share with a wide audience. They think “I should write a book,” but are intimidated not only by the writing process, but by the inner-workings of the publishing industry. Self-publishing offers a ready opportunity to control one's own intellectual property but also comes with additional considerations, steps, and hoops to jump through before a book becomes reality. This webinar will present the basic steps and considerations through the experiences of someone who successfully self-published and survived.

  • Awaken Your Inner Therapist: Counseling Insights for IECs

    As IECs you play many roles with your clients: mediator, mentor, guide, cheerleader, and even therapist. At times a few key counseling techniques can help preserve your sanity and make you more effective with your more challenging clients.